Start Here – To Prepare For The Next Storm

At the end of this page you will be able to get our free 22 page PDF workbook “Essential Hurricane Kit & Records Planner”.

As I write this web page, I try to visualize who you are, how you found your way here, and what situation you might be in:

You might be one of those people who plans everything … and you are systematically preparing months in advance. Super job!Part of your preparation plan is a hurricane supplies kit

Or…maybe you have been busy and are just now scrambling to get ready … as a menacing hurricane tracks in your direction. You can do it!

Either way, I have been in both situations myself, and that is why I created HunkerDown.Guide … to help speed up your decision-making and preparations.

  • So please take a deep breath… as we start this journey together.
  • You are going to learn the practical, step-by-step things to do now, to protect yourself and your family, from the worst impacts of these dangerous and even life-threatening storms.

We are going empower ourselves by staying focused on 3 goals:

  • Survive

    Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are weather events that can behave in very unpredictable ways. You should always err on the side of caution in regards to your life and the lives of your loved ones. We have resources that can help you in the evacuation decision you might someday face – to stay or to go? If you are in a structurally sound home that is not in a storm surge or flood zone, then our site has a lot to offer about hunkering down in place.
  • Thrive

    I live in Florida and have experienced first-hand riding out both tropical storms and hurricanes. For the individual homeowner, the after effects can range from minor damage to a missing roof. Usually, the typical hardships are due to lack or power, limited access to water & supplies, no air-conditioning, and a disruption of normal life. With preparation, our family has learned to re-create as much comfort as possible, to help maintain our ability to function and thrive again.
  • Maintain Your Peace of Mind

    One of the unspoken dangers of a hurricane is the increased anxiety and stress (both physical and psychological) it puts on us – before, during, and after. One key strategy of our site is to educate you on what to expect in different types of storms, what steps you can do to prepare, and what you supplies and tools to have in your hurricane kit. Knowledge is power – and knowledge also reduces the fears any rational person will have when faced with something threatening.

Whatever situation you might face – you can and will get thru it.

To help jump-start your preparations, we want to give you our free 22 page PDF workbook “Essential Hurricane Kit & Records Planner”.

  • Includes a very comprehensive hurricane kit supply checklist.
  • Evacuation worksheet for recording routes and shelters.
  • Forms for keeping paper versions of your most important contacts, insurance policies, medical info and veterinary records.

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It is never to late to prepare, and you just took an important first step!

Jamie, Your Hunker Down Guide
Hunker Down the turtle is ready to wait out any storm in her shell 🙂