Our mission at HunkerDown.Guide is to help you prepare during this hurricane season.

You might be here way in advance of tropical weather… but I wonder how many of you are reading this page because you are threatened by a tropical storm or hurricane. You might be asking “What do I do to prepare for a Hurricane or Tropical Storm?”

You have come to the right place…Welcome!

No matter what the situation is, there are things you can do right now to prepare.

Let me be your guide as we explore, learn, discuss, and share how to hunker down for a tropical cyclone. We will cover subjects like:

  • buying and installing hurricane shutters
  • storing and preparing food during power outages
  • stockpiling batteries, tools, and other hurricane supplies
  • creating, updating, and testing a really practical family survival plan
  • protecting your pets
  • building up backup power systems using low cost inverters, batteries, solar, and generators
  • strategies for keeping your sanity and dealing with stress before, during, and after an event 
Myself and daughters aged 27 and 15 installed metal shutters on our 2-story, cement block/stucco home

Less Stress and Anxiety – Safer and More Comfortable

Hurricanes and tropical storms can be very difficult, life-changing events. Let’s get prepared now so the experience is less stressful.

You do not have to face the uncertainty alone…

This is just an example of what the National Hurricane Center calls the Cone of Uncertainty

Our tagline is “Helping You to Prepare for the Cone of Uncertainty“. Anyone living with in 100 miles of the coast knows the terrible feeling of watching the bulls eye move right over where you live.

With the right planning and preparation, a lot of the mental stress and physical risks can be minimized.

HunkerDown.Guide is a growing community…

I am glad you decided to hunker-down with us this storm season. I am actively adding new resources:

  • Lots of practical blog posts on storm preparation ideas and tips, as well as how-to guides
  • Simple to read tropical weather briefing with links to the best weather sites and official NHC forecasts
  • Reviews of products, like battery backup systems, generators, batteries, food, shutters, tools
  • Lots more coming over the next 6 months

Survival is a way of thinking and a skill you can learn

I am very excited to share with you what I have learned, growing up in Forida, in the path of many tropical storms and hurricanes. Let’s get started … and may the tropics be peaceful!