Our Story

We were both born in Florida and have gone thru many tropical systems. That includes watching the weather news for days and days ahead of a hurricane, with all the stress and worry that go with it, as the hurricane models and the “cone of uncertainty” shift back and forth over our area.

We have also raised a large family here, and the ebb and flow of the tropical hurricane seasons has played a role in the lives of our children and extended families as well. Parents can’t help but worry about threats to the safety and well-being of their children. We even had our 4th child as Hurricane / Tropical Storm Gabrielle went right over our region of Florida!

Will it hit us or not? How strong will this be?

We have also put up shutters on our house many times, making many trips to the big box stores looking for more cement screws and washers. Turning our ordered home into a makeshift hurricane-proof (hopefully) shelter, full of water jugs, food, and camping equipment.

Thank goodness we bought bottled water, batteries, and plywood before the panic buying cleared the shelves of everything…

And the aftermath of living on generator and battery inverters, without air-conditioning, cooking on a camp stove, and craving iceā€¦ for days and days after Hurricane Irma hit our area.

I have also had the experience of driving on a marathon, 19 hour, 1040 mile round trip, to evacuate a family member from the projected path of the really intense hurricane Florence.

My only Evacuation Tip – go early like we did, before the wave of hundreds of thousands hit the road too.

On HunkerDown.Guide, we will teach you the skills and help educate your decision making process. You can survive and keep the physical and emotional stress as low as possible, if you prepare.

We have done it, and so can you!

Welcome to our community,

Jamie and Kim, Your Hunker Down Guides