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The Grill Gauge is a simple device that measure how much propane is in a 20 pound tank

How Do I Tell If My Propane Tank Is Full?

A vital part of my Hurricane supplies is a stockpile of full 20 pound propane tanks. I depend on these to run my dual fuel …

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How do I know if my propane fuel tank is full?

If you use propane to power your emergency generator or perhaps your cooking grill, you will have one or more of those 20 pound fuel …

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The invisible killer after a hurricanes strikes

The silent killer sends over 50,000 American’s to the emergency room every year. Many people die from it during and after a hurricane or tropical …

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Top 5 Things To Have In Your Hurricane Kit

I hope you found the Infographic useful (there is code for sharing it at the bottom of this post). You can print from a PDF …

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101 top things to do to prepare for a hurricane

101 Things You Can Do To Prepare For a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

I created this long list of 101 things you can do to get ready for a hurricane or tropical storm, in order to stimulate your …

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