How long will perishable and frozen food last in my fridge during a power outage?

This is one of the top questions asked whenever the electric power gets knocked out after a tropical storm or hurricane. It is a very important topic, as spoiled food can cause you and your family members to get sick. Your food is also an expensive investment, with a fully stocked refrigerator and freezer holding hundreds of dollars of perishable items.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are tasked with helping keep American’s healthy and safe, and they have published a useful document on this topic. For the simple answer, I will quote from their web page:

The refrigerator will keep food safely cold for about 4 hours if it is unopened

That is not a lot of time! Our family had a 5 day power outage a few years ago during hurricane Irma, so we have struggled with this in real-life conditions.

I am finishing up a tutorial guide about how to get prepared for this super stressful and potentially costly situation. It is called “Using Your Car, Truck, or SUV to Keep Your Fridge Running in a Power Outage”. I am using video, printable instructions , and complete purchase lists, to create an easy to follow guide for you. It is a very practical setup, to help you keep a little bit of control during a very stressful experience.

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