How to make toilet paper (or paper towels) out of newspaper

It is the second week or so into the Covid-19 social isolation at our house, and I was sitting around here wondering what it will be like in a few days when our paper towels run out. Now we can easily get by using our reuseable kitchen towels, which can be washed and used for years. However, sometimes a disposable towel is really handy to have, especially when you have pets.

I tried to buy more paper goods on the Publix website tonight, and you guessed it – Out of Stock.

Then I looked around and thought, what about the old newspapers! Not very absorbant but they are available. Recycling has been halted here, so they are just going into th landfill eventually.

I did a very little bit of Googling and found this excellent looking article:

I have not tested or tried the technique, but my limited knowledge of how paper is made from pulp tells me the author is on the right track with the concept.

The basic steps are to boil up the newspapers (and a few other goodies thrown in), and then pouring the resulting pulp into a form, tray, or other substrate. This gets dried in the sun, then cut into strips.

Seems like something worth investigating if re-supply options don’t materialize.

May you all stay safe!

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