The Federal Government’s

It is June 2nd, the second day of hurricane season, and I wanted to go over a US government website that has some alarming images and few good tidbits of information.

I clipped part of the banner image they have on the site – I guess they are trying to scare us into action? Personally, I would get more out of it if they would just give us more practical information with a less stressful delivery.

The take away from this site is that the government wants us to be prepared for all sorts of disasters and attacks. It does not really give you a lot of practical preparation steps for hurricanes. And I find the “Include food and water sufficient for at least three days…” to be misleading. Anyone who has actually been through a major storm knows from experience that supplies could take much longer than that to reach you. Later on we will be exploring the best strategies for storing food and water before a storm threatens.

Our HunkerDown.Guide recommendation is to read thru the governments recommendations as food for thought.

Tropical Scan

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