Links to State + Local Hurricane Evacuation Maps – Zones and Routes

Updated as of June 19, 2019

There are 17 states that have Atlantic and/or Gulf coastlines. Since most evacuations will be in those areas, I did extensive research on sources of information for each state. Every state and county/parish seems to have similar hurricane information, but the quality and type varies wildly. Some have amazing interactive or PDF maps.

I hope this gives you a starting point to find out if you are in a hurricane evacuation zone, as well as giving you information on evacuation routes and shelters. If you don’t see maps or search tools for your community, contact your state or local officials at these official emergency management organizations.

Hurricane info and links

New Hampshire
Main info pages with links
Department of Safety – but not much info, not finding evac zones or maps
Good info site – not seeing zone or maps

Evac zones info – links to maps
Detailed local PDFs

Rhode Island
links to PDF maps at local level

Links to county level PDF maps with evac zones and shelter locations

New York
Know your zone – cool info graphic looking site with lots of info and links
Interactive evac zone map
NY City evac zones and shelters map PDF

New Jersey
State Office of Emergency Management
Links to tons of PDF evac route maps, storge surge maps, etc
PDF with lots of good info and links

general info with links
main disaster agency page
evac routes maps
Colorful game-like coastal storm plan and lists – interesting
lots of PDFs, maps links, info
State of Delaware Flood Planning Tool – interactive map of zones

links and info – interactive evac maps, routes, etc.

North Carolina
Info, some links broken
Could not find a county zones or links
Search by address, brings up interactive – building level with hazrds, impact, insurance details
Evacuation routes from NCDOT

South Carolina
Interactive evac zone maps, plus list of coastal county links at bottom
– very nice – besides zone finder, has plans, shelter openings, and a twitter feed

Lots of info
A PDF guide with evac map – large scale
Coastal areas are organized into evac zones, decisions made at local and state level
for routes during evacs
GDOT safety brochure

click on your county. Evac zones by county

Evac zones – state level, Alabama Emergency Management Agency (PDF on red cross site)
Alabama Emergency Management Agency
blog style info posts
PDf loaded with linsk to counties, etc

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Hurricane specific info – linsk to surge mapping at county level at bottom
Updated Hurricane Guide PDF (massive) – good info

A very redish website good links and info
Detailed Parish level for contact and links
This site has loads of info on all sorts of prevention, recovery, etc
PDF with big evac maps and lots of info links

High level info wityh lins at bottom
Interesting site with lists and info, detailed lists and downloads
Almost nothing of relevance
Maps with regional evac routes
Houston-Galveston Area Council – very detailed evac zones, routes, other info

National Level Resources

These are some national level resources that also had hurricane evacuation information:

very overwhelming site

Low lying areas prone to flooding:
put in your address and an interactive map will appear – you can flood hazards – download an image of the map

American Red Cross
Register your name with Safe and Well

Tropical Hazard Center – weather info for all basins

Federal Level

Found link on Texas site – but all coastal states

These are under – Federal Alliance for Safe Housing
They do online and phone survey of 222 communities in USA
Links to all coastal states and some have county level links or links to arcgis or PDFs
Did not test all of them, but says updated Feb 19, 2019

Tropical Scan

Check the NHC forecasts for the latest tropical information. Stay prepared and safe.

For more weather details, visit our Tropical Weather Briefing for NHC forecasts, weather maps, and links.