Are you wondering what is happening in the tropics? See our new method of giving you a weather briefing on every post!

Hi everyone! If you have been following Hunker Down Guide this whole season you may have been reading our Tropical Scan section at the bottom of each blog post. I just updated how that works, and I am excited to unveil this new feature to you now

There will still be a section below the main content of every post – and it is called Tropical Scan. However, it is no longer a static, frozen snapshot from a specific date, All pages will show an up-to-date summary. It is in a box below.

You can always click on the link provided in the Tropical Scan to read our more detailed Tropical Weather Briefing page. That page has the 3 official feeds from the National Hurricane Center on the left side. In the middle is the information I am highlighting, such as maps or other info.

I hope that helps everyone keep up-to-date on any tropical developments.

Tropical Scan

Check the NHC forecasts for the latest tropical information. Stay prepared and safe.

For more weather details, visit our Tropical Weather Briefing for NHC forecasts, weather maps, and links.