Low Cost Bottled Water Tips

Having enough emergency drinking water to last through an hurricane event is extremely important. One way to provide safe water is to periodically buy bottled water and store it in your home. Here are some tips I have learned thru experience:

  • Each person in the household will need about 3 liters or 3 gallons per day
  • The best time to buy is before any storm warnings go up for your area. Avoid buying during the “panic” right before a storm, when prices are high and supply is limited

Shop around at the start of the hurricane season in dollar-type stores

You can often get gallon bottles of distilled water for $1, if you buy it on a normal day. If you wait, all the lower cost water will be goner. I like the large gallon jogs with handles, which are easier to handle.

Big Box stores often have specials on bulk packages of the smaller bottles. Just remember it takes like 3 gallons per person per day, so that means a lot of the smaller ones.

Bottled water has an expiration date…

Yes, I know it sounds weird that a plain old bottle of water could expire, but it is true. What really happens is the plastic container starts to break down chemically over time. The water might be drinkable but could have traces of chemicals and/or taste differently.

  • Manufacturers should have an expiration date on the label
  • The industry rule of thumb is that it lasts 1 to 2 years
  • Write the date you bought it on each bottle with a Sharpie pen

TIP – Buy before the season, keep it stored in a cool dark closet, and then use it for picnics or camping after the storm season is over.

I find I use the leftover bottled water to refill my fish tank, after the hurricane season. It is distilled so does not contain chemicals that would hurt fish (or turtles).

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